Three Updates You Should Make To Your Old Concrete

When you have concrete around your home, its permanence and strength can help you take it for granted. But even though this material can adequately sustain itself with little maintenance over time, there are three updates you should consider making to your old concrete today.

Jazz it Up

Jazz up your tired grey installation with a little color and finish. Options for staining and painting give you the chance to get creative and replicate the look of raw materials, like marble, stone, wood, or tile, so you can make your old concrete look like a million bucks overnight.

Try taping off, or masking certain areas of your concrete into patterns that imitate tiles, wood flooring, or even abstract designs. You can apply acid stains, semi-transparent or opaque acrylic paints, as well as finishing waxes, glazes, or epoxies, in layers to get an effect that rivals expensive installations.

Since concrete has a long lifespan, making cosmetic improvements that rival the look of raw materials installation is a completely reasonable and affordable improvement to make. Anywhere you have concrete an you want aesthetic appeal, like patios, outdoor rooms, or driveways, use creative concrete coatings or updates for a stunning result.

Make it Safer

Concrete can be finished with epoxies that form a slip-resistant and chemical barrier that protects your installation. Upon drying, and with the possibility of layering, epoxies provide a great non-permeable shield that eliminates moisture accumulation and chemical abrasion.

Epoxies can include additives that provide traction, or ones that give a decorative finish with light-reflecting flakes, so you can improve the surface according to your particular preferences. This improvement is best left for garage, basement, or other high-traffic areas that can use protection from slips and accidental spills.

Keep it Strong

Areas that are slumped or cracked should be repaired, not only to improve the look, but to keep your concrete strong. Concrete can last a lifetime when properly maintained, so if you notice areas that are damaged, you should know that repairs are relatively easy and fast to perform.

Often lifting can be performed on slumped concrete that will help it avoid unnecessary pressure and deterioration, just by drilling a small hole and injecting either a slump or epoxy material. Restoring cracks can also help avoid further damage and deterioration that happens through spreading.

Concrete is a versatile and strong material that can be appreciated anywhere in your home. So updating your concrete will give a beautiful result that can add years and life to an existing installation, helping you to avoid costly removal and replacement.