3 Ways To Increase The Efficiency Of You Air Conditioner

As air conditioners become older, they often seem less effective. The problem can often be reduced air flow. As a result, you might need to turn your air conditioner up to a higher level to keep your home cool, making it more expensive to run. However, the problem often has nothing to do with the actual air conditioning unit. This article will explain a few ways to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner without replacing it.

1. Clean Your Air Registers

Over time, air vents and registers can become clogged with dust. This can greatly reduce the air flow in your house. The best way to clean your registers is to remove them from the wall. You usually only need a flat head screwdriver to do this. Make sure you clean between the vents thoroughly. Use a wet rag or duster to get in between the narrow vents.

2. Clean the Ducts

If there was blockage around your vent, there will likely be build up around the edge of the ducts. Clean this dust off thoroughly. Next, look deeper inside the dusts for signs of dust. If the sidewalls of your ducts are caked in dust, then your vents will get clogged again real soon. So, it is best to invest in a professional duct cleaning service. This will prevent dust build up on your vents, but it will also help eliminate any threat of mold forming in your ducts.

3. Cleaning the Output Hose

At the base of every air conditioner is an output hose. This aluminum hose is how the cold air travels from the air conditioner and into your house. If this hose is clogged or kinked, it could greatly reduce your air conditioner's efficiency. The first step in solving this problem is finding the hose. Depending on the location of your unit, the hose could be 4' or much longer. You can loosen the fittings around the mouth of the hose and remove it from the wall and the air conditioner. Check to see if the inside of the hose is clean and clear. Also, clean out the mouth of the fittings at the base of the air conditioner and the house. Check for holes in the hose where air can be leaking. Replacing a hose is cheap and easy if you do find any such problems.

Performing these 3 basic air conditioning maintenance tasks can greatly increase the efficiency of your entire heating and air conditioning system. However, if you decide that you want a little help, contact professionals such as the experts at Southwest Heating and Cooling