Improved Productivity: Choose The Right Pallet Rack For Your Needs

Making good use of warehouse space will help you to keep costs low and increase productivity. For example, if you have a tall warehouse, but you are only using floor space, you are wasting a lot of vertical space that you could use. Using pallet storage racks will help you to use the vertical space in a warehouse, but they can make it hard to access your products. Thus, you need to look for a storage system that will allow you to use more space and readily access your products.

A Mezzanine Is a Good Place to Start

If you want to use vertical space, you can build a mezzanine, which is basically just a raised platform. Such a system will allow you to use floor space and the mezzanine space. The problem is that accessing pallets on the mezzanine might not be as easy as accessing what is on the floor. Thus, you can put products that you don't need on the top floor and anything you need to access more readily on the bottom floor. If you need a system that will allow you to access any product quickly, you need a different solution. 

A Gravity-Flow Rack System

A mezzanine will basically only give you two levels of storage. Other rack systems will offer three or more levels of storage. If you have racks that only allow you to put two pallets on the rack, you can easily access the pallets from either side, but you will have to have a lot of lanes between the racks. A better system will decrease lanes so that you waste less space. A gravity flow system will have ramps built in that allow you to load racks on one side that will then slide to the other side of your rack. This allows you to stack pallets several units deep on the same level while still being able to easily access your products. Thus, you are able to store a lot of product while still making your products highly accessible. 

Making the best use of your storage space will allow you to save costs by reducing the number of warehouses that you have to buy and operate. While buying and installing storage racks can be pricey, they are still cheaper than buying and operating warehouses. The right system will also increase the flow of product through your warehouse. Careful attention to storage design is an important step in designing a warehouse space.