Are You A Brand New Homeowner? Learn How To Prevent Inside Water Damage

Buying your first home is a fun venture. But after all the exciting and proud moments of getting approved for the loan and closing on the mortgage subsides, you'll find that you might need some tips to prevent damage to your home. One of the most costly threats to your home is water damage. This guide provides some precautions to take inside your home that help prevent water damage.

Disconnect Washer Hoses Before Leaving for Vacation

If you are leaving your home for an extended time, disconnect your washing machine hose and turn off the water valves connected to both the hot and cold-water hoses. This simple, but easy to forget act prevents major water damage, specifically in colder climates where below-freezing temperatures can crack the hoses.

Many homeowners have returned from a trip only to find that one, if not both of these hoses burst while they were away. The result is continual water flow and damage to floors, appliances and other personal belongings.   

Keep a Close Eye on Your Water Bill

Check your water bill and compare the prices monthly. By paying close attention to fluctuating prices you will be able to notice unusual spikes in water usage. These changes can alert you to potential leaks in your home before they become a bigger or more serious problem.

If you notice a spike in you water bill, check all the visible water lines and connections in your home. Here are some specific places to look:

  • under all sinks
  • around the hot water heater
  • behind the washing machine
  • faucets and shower heads
  • sprinkler heads
  • outdoor spigots

Have any problems that you see repaired so that leaks don't damage surfaces such as the sink cabinets, or create a moldy situation in the bathrooms. If all seems to be fine in these areas, call the city to ask that someone come to check the actual water pipes leading into your home and the water meter itself.

Don't Leave the House With Water Appliances Running

To prevent water damage, do not leave the house with water appliances running. Many people have a bad habit of turning on the dishwasher or washing machine just before leaving the house or going to bed.

While these machines are extremely convenient, leaving them unattended could result in unnecessary water damage if they malfunction. Being present while these machines operate allows you to intervene to turn off the machine if anything goes wrong. In doing so, you can prevent water from damaging your home.

Since water damage to your home creates a messy situation, do what you can to prevent it from happening. If for some reason you still experience a flood in your home, call a water damage contractor for help immediately to mitigate the loss of your personal and sometimes priceless belongings.