3 Reasons To Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Cleaning out the ducts in your home is a very important part of maintaining your home's heating system, mostly because it can prevent quite a few problems. Increased efficiency, better air quality, and safety are just a few of the reasons to take advantage of duct cleaning.

Increased Efficiency

One of the main reasons to make sure that your ducts are cleaned is because it can increase your heating unit's efficiency. This is because a lot of dirt or debris in your ducts can decrease the amount of airflow that makes it out of your vents. This means that your heating system will need to work harder and longer in order to increase your home's temperature to the desired level.

In fact, one of the warning signs of a blocked or dirty duct system is increased utility bills. However, once the ducts are completely cleaned, you will see your heating bills decrease as your heating system starts to operate efficiently again.

Better Air Quality

Another reason to have your ducts cleaned is because your ducts will accumulate a lot of dirt, debris, and allergens over the years. This becomes a problem because it can begin to smell quite foul in the ducts, and that smell will be spread through the house when the heater turns on.

In addition, if you have someone in your house that is suffering from a respiratory illness or allergies, he or she might begin experiencing a worsening of his or her condition when the heater spreads the allergens and dirt within your ducts all over the house. Also, you may also begin to feel ill more often due to the poor air quality that dirty ducts can cause.


Finally, you will want your ducts to be thoroughly cleaned because it can present a safety risk. The reason for this is that the particles and dust can actually become a fire hazard if it is allowed to accumulate too much. When the hot air travels through the ducts long enough, it might actually increase the temperature to the point where the dust and debris can ignite.

Speak to a duct cleaning service or HVAC contractor as soon as possible in order to schedule a duct cleaning. By keeping your ducts clean, you can make your home safer, improve the air quality throughout the entire house, and even lower your heating bills due to increased heating efficiency.