Troubleshooting Commercial Sliding Door Sensor Problems

Because customers often have their hands full or are pushing a cart when they enter or exit your store, commercial sliding doors serve a vital purpose of convenience. However, they also pose another potential way for accidents to occur if the doors are not appropriately maintained. This is especially true when it comes to the sensors that control when the doors open and close. If the door were to close at the wrong time or pop open unexpectedly, someone in the way could be in danger. Here are a few of the most common issues that can come up with commercial sliding door sensors. 

Problem: The doors are opening and closing intermittently even though no one trips the sensor. 

Cause and Solution: If the doors are magically opening and closing as if a customer has walked up, but there is no one around, you could have sensors that are placed in an area where high heat is becoming a problem. The typical automatic door has three sensor sets: One in the mat outside of the door, one in the mat inside of the door, and a set that rests at either side or overhead of the door itself. If heat is causing the problem, it will be the sensors that are on the door and not those located in the senor mats. You should try re-positioning the sensors so that they are not in direct sunlight. 

Problem: The doors are staying open even when there is nothing in the way or on the sensor mat. 

Cause and Solution: This could be caused by a few different problems. It could be that the mat sensors are starting to fail due to moisture exposure. However, in most cases, this type of issue will be caused by dirty safety sensors. Clean the lenses of the sensors on the door thoroughly, making sure no buildup or debris is in the way of the laser detection. 

Problem: The automatic doors continually close at unexpected times. 

Cause and Solution: Of all sensor issues, this is the one that is the most problematic and perhaps even the most dangerous. This usually means that the sensors on the door are not detecting motion or blockage as they should, which means they are failing and will need to be replaced immediately. 

By taking note of the problems that commonly come up with commercial doors, when something goes wrong you will be much better prepared to handle the situation. If you are having issues with the commercial doors you have in your store, talk to a repair technician like Callahan Door and Window for more information and advice.