Fixing A Damaged Spray-In Bed Liner

Spray-in bed liners are effective when it comes to protecting cargo boxes from scratches. This usually goes a long way in helping to prevent rusting, thus prolonging the lifespan of your truck. And unlike drop-in plastic bed liners, they do so without creating a slippery surface. This usually comes in handy in helping to prevent accidents when transporting, loading, and offloading cargo.

However, over time, spray-in bed liners wear off. This usually leaves the truck's cargo box vulnerable to damage. It also increases the risks of cargo damage. When this happens, it is important that you fix the worn-off areas as soon as possible. Here are tips that will come in handy in helping you do so.


Cleaning the area next to the chipped, broken or scratched surface is necessary to guarantee the formation of stronger bonds between the new and the old bed liner. A rag and a bucket of soapy water is usually enough to do this. However, if the area that you are repairing has traces of rust, you will need to use steel wool to completely remove it. After you are done scrubbing, remember to dry the area with a dry towel. Making sure that the area is dry will help reduce the chances of the new lining peeling.


You will need to tape off the area surrounding the chipped off or scratched part. This will prevent unnecessary bed liner spills. It will save you time in your clean-up and will also help to prevent any unnecessary ugly marks on your truck's cargo box.


If the area that you are trying to fix is small, all you will need is a paint tray and a brush. For small chipped areas, pour the bed liner onto the tray, dip the brush in the material and then dab it on the damaged area. On the other hand, fixing fissured areas will require holding the brush over the areas and letting the material drip into the fissures.

Repairing large areas will call for the use of paint sprayer. This is because a paint sprayer will not only make your work less labor intensive, but will also allow for a uniform and smoother bed liner finish. To ensure that your repair work lasts, remember to spray the bed liner a few inches past the damaged area. This will give the new bed liner a stable surface to hold onto and thus enhance its durability.

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