How To Clean Stone Tile And Grout

Stone tile floors need to be cleaned and sealed to ensure that they are waterproof and stain resistant. It is also very important that you clean your grout lines thoroughly. The grout is the most porous, and therefore vulnerable part of a tile surface. Cleaning and sealing the grout lines will usually take longer than cleaning the actual stone surfaces. This article explains how to clean and seal your stone tile and grout.

First, Remove Soap Scum from the Tile and Grout

Before you use any special tile cleaner or sealant, you need to remove the stubborn stains and gunk build up. Be especially thorough when it comes to cleaning soap scum off of tile in your bathroom. Soap scum remover is very powerful, but it should be used before you use tile cleaning solution. Only spray the soap scum remover on the ares where there is actual build up.

Cleaning the Stone Tile and Grout

Once you have the large, chunky stains removed, you can finish cleaning your floor with special stone cleaners. Tile cleaners will restore the original sheen and color. The best way to apply the cleaner is to simply pour (or spray) it onto the floor and spread it around with rags or sponges.

You will need to work extra hard to clean the grout lines. They will inevitably get dirtier than the actual tile because grout is so porous. This means you will need to do some heavier scrubbing. Since the caulk lines are so thin, you should buy an actual grout scrubber to get a complete clean. Don't just try to use a toothbrush! The bristles are too soft and they will not hold up.

Sealing the Grout Lines

After the grout and tile are clean, you should apply an additional grout sealant. Sealing grout is perhaps the most important step because it shields your tile from water damage and mold. If water penetrates your grout lines, it can soak underneath the tile and deteriorate the mortar. When you apply the sealant, you can spread it over the entire floor. It does not need to be scurbbed into the floor like the cleaner does. Instead, just let the sealant soak in for a few minutes before wiping it up with rags. Applying a second or third coat is a good idea, especially in rooms that have a lot of moisture.

This simple project will certainly increase the lifespan of your floor. It is the best way to ensure that your stone tile keeps its original colors. For assistance, talk to a professional like All American Stone & Tile Care Inc.