Four Cleaning Tips For Your Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpet, which features a deep pile and long, twisted fibers, is a favorite among homeowners because of its softness and durability. However, this style of carpet does present a few challenges when it comes to keeping it clean. Its long, highly textured fibers can trap debris deep within the carpet. Also, the fibers tend to be very absorbent, which makes them prone to staining. If you want to keep your frieze carpet clean and stain-free, follow these cleaning tips.

Vacuum as often as possible.

Even if the carpet does not look dirty and you can't spot any dust on it, try to vacuum every other day. This way, you will be sucking up debris before it has a chance to work itself deeper into the carpet. You don't have to do an overly thorough vacuuming job every single time. Try focusing on the large areas that get the most traffic on most days, and then move the furniture for a deeper, more extensive vacuuming once a week or so.

Don't use baking soda or other powdered carpet fresheners.

If your carpet is smelling unpleasant, use a spray-on deodorizer rather than one you have to sprinkle on and vacuum up. Powdered deodorizers work well for most carpets, but with frieze, they tend to absorb odors – and then just get stuck deep in the carpet fibers where they can continue to emit those odors.

Have a stain guard applied.

A carpet cleaning professional will be able to treat your carpet with a special, spray-on product called a stain guard. What this will do is make the fibers of your carpet less absorbent, so that if you spill something, you'll have more time to clean it up before it get absorbed into the carpet fibers. Often, stain guards need to be re-applied every year or so; make sure you keep up with reapplications for best results.

Have your carpet professionally steam cleaned.

Home carpet shampooers do not typically have powerful enough suction to suck all of the water out of a deep-fiber frieze rug. Thus, a lot of dirt and water gets left behind. When you hire a professional to steam clean your frieze carpet, they have access to more powerful suction equipment to ensure all of this dirt is eliminated properly.

For more tips for keeping your frieze carpet clean and stain-free, speak with a carpet cleaning professional. They may even be able to recommend specific products that have worked well for their other customers with this type of carpet.