Built A Brick House And Have Leftover Brick? 4 Things You Can Do With Them

If you have just finished building a brick house and have leftover bricks, do not throw them away. You can use them for many things. If you have leftover bricks, follow the tips below to put them to good use: 


One of the easiest things you can do with bricks is to make some bookends to place on your mantel, in your office, or anywhere else in your home. Purchase some spray paint, and spray the bricks to make it easy. You can spray them in a single color, or choose more than one color to make them unique. To go further, hot glue something on top of each brick, such as an ornament.

Clean the brick thoroughly and allow to dry. Put a coat of high quality latex primer on the bricks first. Once dry, choose a spray paint that will work well on masonry, such as latex paint. When the paint is dry, apply a second coat.

Garden Markers

Clean the bricks and use paint or stencils to turn them into flower or vegetable garden markers. You can also use paint markers to write the name of the vegetables or flowers on the bricks. Draw designs on them to make them look unique. Place a spotlight behind each brick with solar landscape lighting, which is easy to install and requires no electricity or wiring. Let the kids get involved in making your garden markers.


Because bricks already have holes in them they work great as planters outside. Simply fill them with good quality soil, and plant some flowers, such as petunias, bacopa, lobelia, or geranium in them. Paint the bricks first or use paint markers to draw designs on them.


If you have always wanted a patio in your backyard, you can use bricks to make one. This is something you can likely do on your own. If you want to make the patio look unique, use other materials with the bricks, such as flagstone, concrete pavers, cobblestone, or slate. You can also put a glaze over the bricks. If you still have bricks, install a brick walkway that leads to your patio.

If you do not want to use the bricks for any projects, you can sell them to a local brick company. If you have a lot of bricks, you can likely make a quite a bit of money from them. Contact a company, such as American Pressure Cleaning & Sealing, if you need to clean your brick pavers.