Choosing A Location For A Temporary Construction Site Office

If you are planning for some construction on your undeveloped land, chances are the crew will need to place a portable building to use as a site office. The following guide can help you locate the best place on your land for the building.

#1: Find out power needs

You need to find out how the crew is planning to power the building, because they will likely need power for computers, printers, a lunch fridge, and other equipment. The simplest way to provide power is to locate the building close to the power pole and provide it with temporary construction electrical access through the power company. This way the building can plug right into the grid. If you are planning an off-grid project, you will need to alert the crew so they can provide generators for both the building and their construction equipment.

#2: Look for accessibility

Accessibility is another vital concern. First, find out what type of portable building the crew is planning to use. There are two main options: trailered buildings and those on skids. A trailered building will need road access, with room for the hauling vehicle to position the trailer and then get out. Smaller buildings built on skids are usually moved by a forklift, which can maneuver in tighter quarters for placement as long as the terrain is relatively level and free of potholes. By knowing which type of building is being used ahead of time, you can ensure you choose a location that meets accessibility needs.

#3: Consider the environmental impact

Trailers tend to be less rough on the ground, since they sit above it on tires and a couple of jack stands for leveling purposes. For short projects, the impact on the landscape will be minimal. Buildings on skids are either placed directly on the ground or on top of concrete pier stands. The stands are necessary to both level the building and to lift the wooden skids above the moist earth. Since there is minimal space, skids can be more damaging to the landscape. For buildings on skids or those that will be in place for more than a couple of weeks, it is best to choose an area that is sand or gravel, or where you plan to landscape after construction is complete.

Contact a contractor or a portable building supplier in your area if you have further questions about choosing a site for the temporary office that will be used for your construction project.