How To Store Roofing Materials

It can save you a lot of time on the job site to have your supplies delivered in advance of work. This could be the day before or even a few days before, depending on the suppliers delivery schedule. The benefit here is that your crew won't lose time waiting for the delivery or helping unload it. The following tips can help you ensure that the materials are safe until work does begin.

Tip #1: It's all about location

If the homeowner allows, you can use the driveway for the main staging area, otherwise you will need to place the supplies on the yard. Work with the homeowner to find a storage spot that is easily accessible for both delivery and the job, but won't cause longterm damage to the landscaping. If theft is a real concern, it may be worth it to rent a storage pod for the location. You can then keep all of the roofing supplies stored under lock and key.

Tip #2: Elevate everything

Everything needs to be placed off the ground so that it is protected from moisture. Use pallets or skid boards to support items like plywood sheathing or replacement joists and supports. Asphalt shingles will likely be delivered as a wrapped bundle on a pallet, so elevation shouldn't be an issue there. Shingle bundles are sometimes stored on the roof. Not only does this save time, but it also prevents theft. Chances are you have to arrange for transport to the roof though, since most suppliers won't handle that task.

Tip #3: Keep things covered

Rain can lead to mold or warping, especially on plywood sheathing. It's best to cover everything with a tarp, even if the weather outlook doesn't call for rain. Leave the ends of the tarp over pallets open, though. This ensures that there is air circulation so that moisture doesn't get trapped beneath the tarp.

Tip #4: Don't leave tools on site

Although supplies are usually safe, tools can be a major target for theft. Don't leave any tools at the site at all. Even ladders need to be packed and taken with you. The only exception is scaffolding, if you opt to use it. This can be erected the day before work is scheduled to begin so that you don't waste working hours getting it in place.

For more help or for answers to any questions, contact a roofing materials supplier like American Building & Roofing Inc