Two Limestone Countertop Care Tips

There are a number of different materials that you can opt to use for your home's countertops. However, limestone is one of the more commonly selected options due to its aesthetics and affordability. Unfortunately, there are some homeowners that may underestimate the importance of properly caring for their limestone countertops. To help you avoid making these mistakes, you should follow these two limestone counter care tips.

Seal The Countertops Every Year

Limestone can be an extremely porous material. This has the disadvantage of making it fairly easy for moisture and other substances to seep into the limestone. This can result in staining, and other forms of moisture damage, such as cracking. These problems can ruin the appearance of your limestone countertops, but there is a simple and effective way of preventing this type of damage from occurring. By applying a sealant to the limestone on a yearly basis, you can help to prevent it from being at risk of developing these problems. This is due to the sealant's ability to create a protective waterproof barrier over the limestone that can prevent pigments and water from seeping into the stone. Prior to applying the sealant, you will need to thoroughly clean the countertop. This will remove dust and other particulate debris that may inhibit the sealant from fully bonding with the limestone.

Inspect The Countertop For Cracks, Chips And Other Surface Damages

Over the course of using your countertops, it is possible for you to inadvertently chip or scratch the surface of the stone. This can often be done by something heavy falling from the cabinets or dragging hard items across the countertops. While it may seem as though these issues will merely be cosmetic concerns, this is not actually the case as the chips and cracks can gradually worsen. This worsening occurs because the compromised surface of the countertops will allow moisture into the stone. When water gets inside the limestone, it can gradually weaken it by putting pressure on the stone.

Luckily, most home improvement stores can provide their customers with limestone repair kits. By using these kits, you will be able to easily seal the damaged portion of the limestone countertop while also hiding the cosmetic issues that it might cause. Typically, a limestone countertop repair kit will include a sealant and a special resin that mimics the look of natural limestone. You first need to use the resin to fill in the damaged area of the limestone and then apply the sealant once the resin has dried and bonded to the countertop.

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