3 Ways To Recycle Old Drywall In Your Garden

When completing any major home renovation, you will likely tear down quite a bit of your home's existing drywall. Most homeowners send this old drywall to the dump, where it contributes to the overcrowding of landfills. Instead of throwing out your old drywall, try recycling it instead.

Here are three simple ways that you can recycle your old drywall during a home renovation in the future.

1. Line your garden paths to prevent weed growth.

If you have paths running through your home's landscaping, you know how difficult it can be to prevent weeds from growing through the paving stones used to create these paths. You can easily solve your weed problems by using your old drywall to line garden paths.

Cutting sheets of drywall to size and laying them underneath your stone pavers is a simple and effective way to prevent light and moisture from reaching weeds. Recycle your old drywall as a weed suppressant for garden pathways.

2. Treat soil with high sodium levels.

Maintaining the proper balance of minerals and nutrients in your soil is essential for proper plant growth. If you find that plants are not growing well in your yard due to high levels of sodium, then your old drywall sheets could provide a solution to your unique gardening problem.

One of the main ingredients in drywall is gypsum. Adding gypsum to sodic soil (a term used to describe soil with high sodium levels) can be beneficial. The gypsum helps to knock the sodium particles off the clay soil particles, and the excess sodium can then be leached out. Try running some sheets of drywall through a wood chipper and spreading the chips in garden beds to improve plant growth in the future.

3. Use to improve soil drainage.

Adding old drywall to your garden soil can also be beneficial in helping to promote proper drainage. Drywall is designed to help retain moisture, so using old drywall as an additive with your mulch can help ensure your plants have access to the water needed for growth.

Using drywall to improve soil drainage allows you to grow vibrant foliage in even the most arid of climates.

Finding ways to recycle your old drywall doesn't have to be challenging. By using drywall to prevent weed growth on garden paths, remove excess sodium from soil, and help promote proper soil drainage, you can reduce the amount of drywall that ends up in landfills.