Safety Tips For Storing Oxy-Fuel Welding Fuel Tanks

When you need to join two pieces of metal together, you may choose to rely on oxy-fuel welding techniques to complete the task. While this type of welding provides the versatility and quickness needed to make a job profitable, it also requires access to acetylene fuel. This fuel comes in large tanks that must be stored properly in order to prevent accidents.

Here are two tips that you can use to help ensure that your acetylene fuel tanks are being stored properly in the future.

1. Always mount your fuel tanks to the wall when not in use.

Designing a racking system that allows you to mount your acetylene fuel tanks to the wall when they are not being used to power your oxy-fuel welding equipment can be beneficial. Keeping fuel tanks against the wall will allow you to store them in an upright position.

Acetylene is a gas that is soluble in acetone, so fuel tanks are filled with a mixture of acetylene and acetone. When these fuel tanks are not stored in an upright position, the acetone and acetylene can separate from one another. This renders the fuel unstable, and could result in an explosion when the tank is put to use.

Be sure to mount your acetylene fuel tanks to the wall so that they can be kept in an upright position during storage.

2. Always check tank valves for integrity during storage.

Acetylene fuel tanks come equipped with valves that are designed to help regulate the flow of gas while the tanks are being used to power oxy-fuel welding equipment. It is imperative that these tank valves are structurally sound when it comes to ensuring the safety of your fuel tanks during storage.

When acetylene comes into contact with oxygen, it becomes volatile and highly explosive. Faulty valves could allow some of the fuel to leak out of the tank, creating dangerous pockets that could be ignited by an errant spark.

Check to ensure that tank valves haven't been damaged during transit if you want to guarantee the safe storage of your acetylene fuel tanks in the future.

Access to a steady supply of acetylene is needed when relying on oxy-fuel welding techniques to complete a job. Take the time to mount your extra fuel tanks to the wall during storage and verify that tank valves are intact prior to storage, and you will be able to safely keep a supply of acetylene fuel on-hand in the future.