"Can Berber Be Plush?" and Other Carpeting Questions Answered

Carpeting is a very personal choice from the standpoint that there are numerous types of carpet available and dozens of options for each type of carpet. Ergo, if you are looking to buy and install carpet, you may have lots of questions that require answers. Here are some questions and answers regarding carpeting to get you started.

Can Berber Be Plush?

As a general rule, berber carpet is not plush because of the very nature of the carpet type itself. With berber, the carpet loops that are usually cut to create the fluffy tufts you see with some other carpet types are left uncut. They are more tightly packed or looped together, and the loops are shorter too. People who request berber do so because they want a really low-maintenance carpet style that still covers the floor. However, you can make berber feel plush by adding a super thick underpad underneath the carpet and requesting a higher quality of berber that is made with softer, more natural fibers than the traditional rougher, man-made fibers.

Can You Still Get Shag?

If you are the retro type and want shag carpeting, there are two ways you can get it. First, ask several carpeting stores for any reclaimed rolls of old shag carpeting that has been recently removed from older homes and buildings. If you go this route, you may need to wait a long time to get the correct size of remnants and the colors of shag you want.

Second, there is "modern shag," a newer type of shag carpeting that you can buy. The pile is a little lower than the shag of the seventies but also easier to care for. If you are concerned about getting retro colors (e.g., avocado green, burnt orange, and so forth), you can still get these special order colors. Otherwise, there is an entire color catalog from which you can choose your modern shag-carpet colors.

What Is a Good High-Traffic Carpeting?

High-traffic areas, such as those near your front or back doors and thresholds between doorways, are constantly dirtier than any other spot on your carpet. This is frequently the reason for this particular question. Your best bet for carpeting in high-traffic areas is no carpeting at all (i.e., wood floors), but if you are sold on the idea of carpeting, then ultra-low pile carpeting or berber is best. Darker-colored carpeting is also part of the solution, since lighter-colored carpeting will show the trafficked dirt more and show it faster. Ergo, you want a dark-colored berber carpet in high-traffic areas.