3 Ways That Exterior Waterproofing Can Save You Money

A lot of people put off exterior waterproofing jobs because they worry about how much it might cost to hire a pro to do it. However, even though you might not want to cough up the money to pay for a waterproofing job, the truth is that doing so can actually save you and your family a ton of money. These are three ways that exterior waterproofing can actually reduce your costs in the long run:

1. Prevent Foundation Damage

Perhaps the most important reason why waterproofing is worth the money is the fact that it can help prevent foundation damage. Depending on the type of foundation and the extent of the damage, having your home's foundation repaired can be an incredibly costly venture. Since one of the common causes of foundation damage is moisture, waterproofing your property can be a key way to avoid having to pay for this damage. With waterproofing, you may find that your home's foundation will last much longer and have fewer problems.

2. Reduce Heating and Cooling Bills

Did you know that exterior waterproofing can help you reduce heating and cooling bills? This is especially true if you use your basement as a heated and cooled part of your home. Since there is an extra barrier of protection against the elements, it can be great for helping to hold heat or cool air in the home. Over time, this can result in significant savings on your household heating and cooling bills, particularly in the basement.

3. Prevent Property Damage

If moisture is able to seep into your basement or elsewhere in your home, you could find yourself dealing with a lot of property damage later on. For example, mold or mildew could grow on the walls and may need to be remedied by a professional, or the walls or flooring could become soft because of the moisture. The furnishings in your basement could be damaged by water and may have to be replaced. The cost of dealing with all of this property damage on an ongoing basis can become incredibly expensive, but by focusing on exterior waterproofing, you can help prevent it from being a problem.

If you have not yet focused on exterior waterproofing for your home, now is a good time to do so. It may not cost as much as you think, and it can save you money in these three ways and more.

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