Three Reasons Why You May Have Low Water Pressure In Your Home

When you turn on your sink or shower, you expect there to be enough water pressure to remove soap from your hands, food from plates or shampoo from your hair. But for various reasons, you may turn on your faucets one day and have less pressure than you are used to or expect. Here are the three main reasons why you may have low water pressure in your home:

You May Have a Plumbing Leak

One of the reasons why you may have low water pressure in your home is due to a plumbing leak. If you have a large plumbing leak, you will likely be made aware of this problem by puddles of water or a flood in your home. Unfortunately, most leaks are small and take weeks or months until you may realize there is an issue. If there is a leak in your pipe, both water and air can escape the pipe, causing the low water pressure you are experiencing. 

Your Pluming Stack May Need to Be Cleaned

The plumbing stack is located on the roof of your home. It pulls air into the plumbing lines that helps to push water through the system and create pressure. But this stack can become filled with debris. Sticks, leaves and even pests that have made a nest or bed in the stack can prevent the flow of air into the stack, which in turn, decreases your water pressure. Having your plumbing stack cleaned by a professional can help immediately increase the water pressure in your home. 

The Faucet Screen May Be Clogged

The last reason why you may have low water pressure in your home is that you have a clog in your faucet, faucet screen or shower head. If you have hard water in your home, your water contains a lot of minerals, such as calcium. These minerals can clog things like the faucet screen or the holes in your shower head. This can make it seem like water pressure has decreased in your home because less water is flowing through the faucet. Cleaning the screen, faucet or shower head can help to remove the items that are built up in the system and improve water pressure once again. 

If you have low water pressure, you may want to contact a plumber. They can help you determine why you have low water pressure and what you need to do to fix the problem. Contact a company like Henry Drilling LLC for more information and assistance.