What Can Happen If You Fail To Have Your Property Surveyed

You might be looking to buy a new property or you have realized that the property you already own has never had a proper land survey completed. Instead of assuming that this is not something that is really needed, you will want to learn what can happen as a result of not having it done. This way, you will know that this is something that you do not want to brush off as unimportant.

Dispute With The Neighbors

Even if your neighbors have never given you a problem in the past or they seem to agree where the property line is, that can always change. This is why it is best to never assume and to have the land properly surveyed. If you do not do this, there may come a day when your neighbor is trying to take some of your land. Then again, the neighbor could start claiming that a dead tree that needs to be cut down by professionals is your problem to deal with because it's on your land. However, even if you do not believe it to be true, you will have a fight on your hands because you will not have the proper documentation from a land survey.

You Could Be Sued Because Of An Accident

If you think part of your neighbors yard is actually yours and someone falls in that location, you could be the target of a lawsuit. However, if you new from the beginning that that portion of land was not legally yours, you would save yourself from a lot of legal trouble. You need the proof on paper, which is done by hiring a land surveying company.

The Value Of Your Property Can Be Impacted In A Negative Way

Should you ever want to sell your property or take out a second mortgage based on the equity you have, you might be surprised to find that you do not own as much land as you thought. This can really mess up your plans. It is best to go into any future transactions well aware of how much land is really yours. Even if you have an existing land survey in hand, if it was done a very long time ago or you do not believe that the company that did it completed the work properly, you will want to have it done all over again.

It is vital that you are finding the best possible land surveying company to do the job. After all, the results that you are given will only be truly accurate if the company has the proper tools and experience to complete the job. Make sure that you are calling to set up an appointment to have your land surveyed as soon as possible.

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