With Home Additions, Roofing Concerns Should Be A Priority

Do you know how old your roof is? Modern roofs are generally not made to last more than 20-30 years, so while you're working on updating your home, your roof is something you should consider.

There's nothing worse than having roofing problems. Extreme weather, old age, improper installation, or poor maintenance can all lead to you needing a new roof.

Even a small leak should never go ignored because it could be indicative of a larger problem. A small leak can lead to water damage and dangerous mold growth that could threaten the health of your family.

Water damage is actually hard to detect in your roof, because you're rarely up there or in your attic. Even if you were, it often takes a professional eye to notice damage. Water damage could eventually even cause your roof to collapse, so it's not something you want to ignore.

Call a Contractor

Only a roofing contractor has the professional eye to locate problems in your roof. They might be able to spot a leak in your attic that has gone unnoticed for months. They can even spot termites, one of the most common roofing problems. Your contractor will be able to easily guide you through the repairs that you need.

Think Green

An old roof might not just be an eyesore but also an energy drain. As older materials, especially asphalt degrade in the sun, they stop being able to properly insulate your roof. Although roofing remodels may sound like an expense, they could end up saving you hundreds on your heating/cooling costs.

Check Before Winter

Leaks in your roof are often hard to detect, especially in the dry season, this is why you should have your roof inspected before winter. Once those winter snows start to melt, your leak and surrounding damage will be all too obvious. Call your roofing contractor to inspect your roof before winter starts.

Are You Reselling?

If you're planning on reselling your home, having your roof repaired should be at the top of your priority. Too many times a deal is about to be closed until the inspector finds a problem with the roof.

If you do find that there are repairs or replacements that need to happen, you shouldn't hesitate to have them done. When it comes to roofing, small problems rarely stay small. Whether you're planning on staying in your home for a long time or reselling, you should make your roof a priority when remodeling your home. Contact companies like The Patio Cover Guy for more information.