3 Signs That Your Water Pump Needs To Be Repaired

The water pump at your well is designed to last for a couple of decades. However, it is eventually going to fail. Your water pump will give you some pretty strong signs that it needs to be replaced when it reaches the end of its life.

Changes in Your Water

One of the first signs that you are going to notice is changes to your water. The appearance of your water may change. For example, it may go from looking nice and clear to having a slightly murky look to it. Or it may develop a tint, such as a slight yellow or copper tone to the water when you look at it inside of a glass.

You may also notice that the taste of your water will change. It may develop a slight aftertaste, and lack that nice smooth taste that it has always had.

Finally, your water may start to develop a little bit of a smell. Your water should not really have an odor. All of these signs mean that your water pump needs to be cleaned, repaired, and perhaps even replaced.

Increase in Your Utility Bills

If you notice that over several months your utility bills seem to be a little higher, but you have not change your heating system or the way that you use electricity, is it because a system in your house is using more electricity than it typically would.

When your water pump is not working well, it tends to use more electricity. When your water pump has to compensate for a clog in the system or a part that is malfunctioning, the rest of your system will work that much harder. Your water pump may run continuously or turn on and off way more than it should. This can cause an increase in your utility bills.

Low Pressure or No Water

The final, most serious sign is low pressure or no water at all coming through your faucets. This can happen when the circuit breaker for your water pump is tripped and needs to be turned back on. You can also get low water pressure and a lack of water when you have a clog inside of your water pump, when the priming plug burns out, or when a circuit breaker for your water pump fails.

If your water pump is giving you signs that it is not working properly, pay attention to these signs and get someone out to inspect your well and fix your water pump right away before the issue gets any worse.

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