Time For A New Parking Lot? 4 Ways To Avoid Potential Problems

If you need a new parking lot for your commercial building, you want your investment to last as long as possible. The tips provided here will help you avoid common problems associated with the care of commercial parking lots.

Start With Seal Coating

If you're scheduled to have a new parking lot installed, don't pass on the seal coating. You may have heard that you can do without the additional service, but that's simply not the case. Asphalt paving is the best choice you can make for your commercial parking lot. However, it will still need added protection against seasonal rain storms and automotive fluid spills. Seal coating provides that needed protection. Once your new asphalt parking lot is sealed, rain and fluids won't be able to seep into the crevices to cause damage. For maximum protection, arrange to have a new layer of sealant applied about once a year.

Conduct a Weekly Inspection

As soon as cars start traveling over your new parking lot, the asphalt will begin to suffer. Unfortunately, you can't stand guard outside to protect your parking lot. However, you can conduct weekly inspections. Those weekly inspections will allow you to monitor the condition of your new parking lot. As soon as you see signs of potential problems, including pressure cracks, contact your paving contractor. They'll come out and repair the damage so you can avoid costlier repairs later.

Schedule a Monthly Cleaning Service

If you want to Extend the life of your new parking lot, schedule a monthly cleaning service. Your parking lot is going to take a lot of abuse. You can help reduce the effects of the daily wear and tear by having your parking lot professionally cleaned at least once a month. If your business experiences non-stop traffic throughout the day, consider having your parking lot cleaned more often than just once a month.

Monitor the Parking Lot Drainage

If you've recently moved into your new location, you may not be familiar with the drainage. Unfortunately, drainage problems can destroy your new parking lot. While you're getting used to your new location, be sure to monitor the drainage in your parking lot. If you discover areas where water collects or doesn't drain properly, have those issues resolved as soon as possible. When it's time to have your parking lot repaved, be sure to discuss the drainage issues with your paving contractor. They can help you redesign the layout of your parking lot to avoid those problems.

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