Concrete In The Bathroom: 3 Reasons To Choose It For Your Remodeling Project

Remodeling the bathroom is high on the list of home improvement projects for many families today. While some of these projects will focus mostly on cosmetic improvements, such as changing the wall colors or replacing outdated tile, others will be much deeper in scope, including updating fixtures and changing the layout. 

Selecting the right materials for this type of project is one of the critical steps required to make sure that it will be a success. If you are currently in the process of choosing materials for an upcoming bathroom remodeling project, here are three reasons to consider concrete. 

Allows for seamless surfaces

Moisture is a constant factor in any bathroom space, so it is important to select a surface that can be installed without seams to avoid potential water infiltration issues. Concrete is an excellent choice for this because it can be formed and constructed in one piece to fit any shape and size without the need for seams. If the project is a large one, such as long expanses of countertops in a large space, the concrete can be formed in place to eliminate any need to move or carry the finished counter. 

Concrete use in the bathroom is not limited to countertops. Instead, its strength and ability to be formed into shapes makes it possible for homeowners to use it to create custom showers, flooring, bathtubs, and sinks. 

Allows for custom colors, designs, and textures 

Another excellent benefit of using concrete for surfaces in the bathroom is the ability to chose colors and designs for the finish. Tinting products are available to create concrete in nearly any shade desired and they can also be used to create surface color variations, such as swirls or more intricate patterns. Homeowners can also decide to use high or low-gloss sealants and surface stains, as well as adding texture, such as brush marks. 

Allows mistakes to be easily addressed

Unlike traditional materials used in bathroom renovation projects, concrete forgives mistakes and allows do-overs to be made easily and inexpensively. If a laminate or granite countertop is cut and measured incorrectly, it must be replaced or patched together using seams that could later begin to leak. When concrete is used, making changes and corrections can be done easily before the material hardens. 

Concrete can weigh significantly more than other surface options, so it is important to make sure that your home's foundation and support system are up to the task before beginning a remodeling project. To learn more about using concrete in your bathroom, take a moment to discuss your plans and concerns with a concrete contractor in your area.